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How the Program Works

We offer a tiered discount based on the quantity of products purchased. All piece requirements can be mix and match to reach the minimum.


How long does the ozone last?

Our products are stabilized to provide optimum shelf life. Products may be stored in a cool dry location and should be used within 30 months of the date of manufacture. Opened product should be used within a year. Refrigeration is unnecessary but may prolong product longevity.

What’s the difference between your skin products?

Those who desire a product with minimal ingredients can opt for ozonated olive or sunflower seed oil. Otherwise, Skin Cream is a superior product that absorbs rapidly making it easier to use with less mess.

Can’t I just make my own oils?

Properly ozonating an oil is a long process that takes sophisticated equipment to provide proper humidity and remove secondary gases. This is impossible with the normal ozone therapy equipment.

How much ozone is there in your products?

Ozone content will vary by product. For example, Ear Oil is almost 100% ozone oil while our Toothpaste is only 2% ozone oil by total volume. Based on the science, it is wise to focus on the efficacy of the product as opposed to the ozone content.

What are the product ingredients?

You can view the ingredients for each product on the product pages at