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War On Your Body

Ultraviolet rays, environmental pollutants, injuries, and psychological stress contribute to what scientists call oxidative stress or redox imbalance — an excess of oxidant free radicals and a deficiency of antioxidants in your body. Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive, and pose various health risks if left unchecked.

70% of People are Affected

3,000+ Skin Conditions

Your Skin

As the first line of defense for the rest of your body, your skin acts as a shield, warding off constant threats to your health.

During oxidative stress, the unstable free radicals can react with other molecules in the body, damaging skin cells, DNA, and structural proteins like collagen. This leads to skin conditions like uneven skin tone, blemishes, dryness, aging, injuries, and more.

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Inadequate Solutions

Many skincare products offer temporary relief through the external application of ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Retinol, Peptides, and Vitamin C. While sometimes helpful, these are band-aid solutions. Skincare needs help. It's time for a paradigm shift.


Supplement what the body lacks.


Harness the natural, nourishing benefits of ozone oils to reawaken cellular activity so that the body naturally produces what it needs.

50% of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

Ozone Apothecary's Promise

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Ozone (O3): A Dynamic Molecule

Ozone (Activated Oxygen) is simply a powerful, reactive form of oxygen, but instead of two oxygen atoms (O2), ozone has three oxygen atoms (O3).

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Pharmacologically Active Ozonide

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A 21st Century Discovery

Upon a deeper investigation of this miracle molecule, we’ve come to discover that there are far more benefits of ozone than we understood.

Ozonides produced by our bodies serve the critical role of inducing redox signaling. Redox signaling is a critical reaction caused by the presence of ozonides and other oxidative compounds by sending signals that activate our natural antioxidant defense mechanism. This helps maintain a redox balance between oxidants and antioxidants, reducing oxidative damage to cells and tissues and protecting the body.

Ozone Apothecary has formulated a range of ozone-infused skin and body care products, aiming to activate cellular activity, regenerate the skin, and promote optimal body health.


“The proposal that ozone is made naturally in the body hit the field like a bombshell.”

Albert Girotti, PhD

Premium Benefits of Ozone Apothecary’s Ozonated Oil Products

Powerful cold-plasma ozone reactors use medical-grade oxygen to produce pure ozone, then infuse high levels of this pure ozone into carefully selected oils, resulting in a stable product known as ozonide. These ozone-infused oils are then combined strategically with other ingredients, making our products usable and effective.

This quality-controlled process has positioned Ozone Apothecary as a leader in premium ozone-infused body care, formulating products that are:

  • Loved by thousands of customers
  • Natural, safe, and non-toxic to people and pets
  • Rooted in science
  • Trusted by professionals

These products absorb quickly, effectively releasing ozone into the tissue where it helps nourish and protect the body.

From skin, hair, and oral products to whole-body and pet care, experience the benefits of ozone through a range of ozonated products formulated to cater to different wellness needs and offer a holistic wellness experience. 

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68% of consumers want more natural products

“…ozonated olive oil (is) a promising raw material for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.”

Institute of Natural Products and Cosmetics

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The Natural Solution

Antioxidant enzymes produced by your body provide a healthy shield to protect your skin along with every other cell in your body from the process of oxidation. A thriving, healthy body will preserve a youthful appearance by maintaining the proper balance of oxidative products to antioxidants (redox balance). Both are essential to a healthy, vibrant you.

The Fountain of Youth

We want to help you age gracefully, maintaining a youthful, vibrant mind and appearance through the use of thoughtfully formulated ozone-infused products that promote natural biology. Experience the benefits of Ozone Apothecary’s ozone oils today.